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A group of dedicated professionals working in collaboration with medical and scientific experts worldwide, using clinical trials to assist in the validation of biomarkers in combination with other modalities to definitively diagnose TBI with emphasis on mild TBI (mTBI)/concussion.

With extensive experience in fields covering biomedicine, research, diagnostics and development, GLIA is well placed to make much needed, valuable discoveries in this area.


Why Was Glia Created

With most product development, individuals and groups tend to work in separate camps, the result being little overall progress. Medical research embarrassingly is no different.

We envisage GLIA as being a 'central hub' between multiple synergistic parties both here in Australasia and worldwide, to maximise individual and group findings. It is our firm belief that diagnostics used for TBI will be a combination not only of individual biomarkers, but also multiple modalities.


Mission Statement

To increase the understanding of brain related injury with particular emphasis on concussion (mTBI) through ongoing research and education, and to ultimately discover a biomarker(s) that will be used in combination with other modalities as a definitive diagnostic/prognostic tool.

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GLIA Diagnostics

Mosman, New South Wales, Australia

+61 450 507 237


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