Ed's area of expertise is exercise nutrition and recovery. Most specifically, recovery and performance based biomarkers. With years of experience gained from participating at a representative level across sports and also mentoring sportspeople across a wide range of disciplines.

Professionally, he is a qualified scientist with expertise in biochemistry. Ed has been involved in the medical science industry for over 37 years ranging from cancer to prevention. He has experience as a scientist and senior manager in diagnostic, research, specialised and integrative pathology and clinical trials. Much of his time was spent researching biomarkers related to pathology, drug efficacy as part of clinical trials and recovery. He also been involved in the health industry for 20 years running two successful health and lifestyle businesses.

All the above has led Ed directly into the TBI (chiefly concussion) space.

The last three years in particular has seen him develop partnerships, collaborations and networks both locally and internationally ranging from clinicians, researchers, the military, professional sporting organisations through to athletes across multiple codes.

Ed is most passionate about bridging the gap between clinician and patient.