According to the CDC, the economic cost of TBI in the United States in 2010, including direct and indirect medical costs, was estimated at $76.5 billion.1

In Australia, limited population data are available, but one report estimated the direct hospital costs for all TBI in the 2004–05 financial year at $184 million.2 Furthermore, the total cost of TBI* was estimated to be $8.6 billion, comprising:

  1.  costs attributable to moderate TBI ($3.7 billion) and severe TBI ($4.8 billion);
  2.  financial costs ($3.7 billion) and burden of disease costs ($4.9 billion); and
  3.  the greatest portions borne by individuals (64.9%), the State Government   (19.1%) and Federal Government (11.2%).

The lifetime costs per incident case of TBI were estimated to be $2.5 and $4.8 million for moderate TBI and severe TBI respectively, across Australia.3

*This data fails to include costings for mTBI, which as noted above accounts for 80-90% of presentations.There were 4745 hospitalisations of people aged ≥ 15 years for sport-related concussion, with a total hospital treatment cost of $17.9M. The frequency of hospitalisation increased by 60.5% over the 9 years, but could only partially be explained by increases in sports participation. (Most likely caused by increase awareness).4